Autumn at Kuranga

There is something to be said for an element of predictability. Sure, change is great and gardeners and plants people all delight in finding something new for the garden. However there is also something reassuringly comforting in knowing what a season offers. At Kuranga we know that autumn is here in earnest when the waxy pink flowers of Croweas flower prolifically in the garden and the fully formed golden and honey coloured candles of Baby Banksias lure nectar feeding birds down low to sip from their nectar. This is a season rich in colour and it is with the familiar flowers of Persoonias, Scaevolas, Chrysocephalums, Brachyscomes and many more that Kuranga welcomes the most perfect season for getting out into the garden.


Mother’s Day – Sunday 14th May

Spoil Mum this year with a selection of soaps and hand creams or perhaps a goodie hamper, sweet or savoury. Choose from an extensive range of decadent edibles and luxurious body care items. If mum is forever the practical type (and which one isn’t?) then we also have a unique range of home ware items that can be put to good use or why not a cook book inspired by native bush foods.


New season, new products

Wooden products have an irresistible charm and warmth. In our gift shop this autumn we have newly replenished stocks of irresistibly tactile wooden bowls, platters, boards and utensils. Surprisingly lightweight, the wooden products are made from sustainably farmed Acacia. The durable and easy to care for products include serving boards with stylish beveled edges, round boards, bowls, rectangular trays, serving paddles, long bread boards, pizza boards and fork and spoon serving utensils reminiscent of any 1970’s kitchen utensil repertoire. Such is the ageless charm and practicality of wooden kitchenware that these products never really go out of date.







Frogs in the Garden

Frogs are a great indicator of waterway and environmental health. There is an endearing joy in hearing a frog croaking from the garden, somewhere. Creating frog habitat is not necessarily a science but there are some key dos and don’ts to abide by. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a pond in the garden you can easily create free standing water features by purchasing a lovely water bowl. We have a great selection available in the nursery.

Stones and branches should be placed across and into water features allowing frogs to exit water, because yes, they can easily drown. A good selection of plants for growing in and around the water is crucial to providing frog habitat ensuring adequate protection for tadpoles and froglets from predators. Browse through our bog and aquatic plants section in the nursery and ask for the complementary pamphlet “Aquatic and Wetland Plants” which can help with plant selection. Plants are available in affordable tube size or in larger 140mm pots. Choose from rushes, sedges, marsh flowers, Nardoo and many, many more.






Autumn Favourites
Persoonias are an autumn stalwart. We have a number of species ranging from groundcover forms to large shrubs. Usually with bright green, often needle-like foliage, the Persoonia is a highly likeable plant offering durability in times of dryness. Racemes of bright, golden-yellow flowers are abundant during late summer and autumn.

Brachyscomes do in fact flower freely for much of the year but in autumn their cheerful and happy disposition is a welcome addition to the garden. Available in pink, mauve, white, yellow, pale and deep blue all with pronounced yellow centres. This low growing groundcover will happily grow in baskets, containers or along the edges of garden beds.

Chrysocephalum is a an evergreen perennial plant which produces golden yellow button-like flowers on low, well behaved mounds of foliage. At Kuranga we have many different forms offering choice in foliage colour and form with striking silver-leaf colour. This is an exceptionally hardy and durable groundcover, which provides superb colour and reliability. It is a brilliant for choice for broad scale planting. Be creative with this plant and create drifts or ribbons of colour throughout the garden.







Paperbark Café

Our menu is created to reflect the bountiful produce of the harvest season. Using fresh, local ingredients and incorporating the subtle flavours of native bush foods, it couldn’t be a nicer time of year to treat yourself to a morning tea, lunch or afternoon tea with friends or family.