Summer at Kuranga

Yes it is summer and we realise that it’s really hot and dry out there but don’t give up on summer gardening just yet. Come in for a visit to be tantalized by an exquisite range of summer flowering plants, in full bloom now.



Flowering Gems for the Garden
Brachyscomes, Scaevolas, Flannel Flowers, Chrysocephalums, Xerochrysums. Small in stature but positively huge in flowering impact. These long flowering groundcovers and small shrubs provide a lengthy flowering display of endearing flowers that are available in a range of colours.


Bird Baths
Adding a bird bath or a water bowl to the garden is perhaps the easiest and quickest way to attract birds to the garden. Providing a valuable source of water will afford birds a haven for both drinking and bathing allowing our feathered friends the ability to cool down too.



Flowering Gums
Without doubt our selection of grafted gums Corymbia ficifolia selections provide an unrivalled flowering spectacular. Whether your preference is for flamboyant or neon colours or perhaps something a little more subdued, then this selection of plants has a good spectrum of colour options. Grafted to ensure colour reliability the large trusses of these flowers will delight. Birds and insects will thank you too.


Ferns for Indoors, Outdoors, Sun or Shade
How green is your garden? We have a huge range of gorgeous, glossy green ferns in stock. Varied in foliage colour, shape and texture, there are a myriad of easy to grow Australian native fern species that are well suited to the garden and many that are equally well suited to grow in pots and hanging baskets. Perfect for filling in or punctuating shady areas in the garden. Plant in complementary groupings or drifts to create lovely soft swathes of green. Choose a well-drained site and apply organic matter as beneficial mulch.


Summer at Paperbark Café
Paperbark Café offers a cool retreat in tranquil surroundings over the summer period with a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. It’s the perfect time of the year to enjoy a casual delicious cooked brekkie outdoors under the verandah or try our superb Yarra Coffee, wattleseed scones with macadamia butter and Yarra Valley jam – freshly baked every day. Our exciting summer lunch menu uses the freshest of local ingredients incorporating native bushfood elements. If you’re in the mood for a decadent and relaxing afternoon then try our Ploughman’s Platter accompanied with a glass of Yarra Valley wine. Perfect for two. Alternatively there is always something new on offer on our daily specials board.