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Autumn at Kuranga

 There is something to be said for an element of predictability. Sure, change is great and gardeners and plants people all delight in finding something new for the garden. However there is also something reassuringly comforting in knowing what a season offers. At Kuranga we know that autumn is here in earnest when the waxy pink flowers of Croweas flower prolifically in the garden and the fully formed golden and honey coloured candles of Baby Banksias lure nectar feeding birds down low to sip from their nectar. This is a season rich in colour and it is with the familiar flowers of Persoonias, Scaevolas, Chrysocephalums, Brachyscomes and many more that Kuranga welcomes the most perfect season for getting out into the garden. 


Waxy Croweas 

Looking for a splash of vibrant colour for the garden this autumn? You can’t go past these neat and bushy little shrubs with their bright green or reddish foliage. An abundance of delightful wax flowers are produced throughout summer and autumn in colours ranging from white through shades of pink. These long flowering shrubs make excellent cut flowers. Croweas do best in dry sites in full sun or part shade.

   waxy_crowea1  pink flower

Dwarf Banksias

One of this countries most iconic native plants the Banksia is available in numerous different sizes and shapes. A good many Banksias flower right through autumn and into winter and we can proudly boast of having a generous selection of small and compact forms to suit any size garden. Choose from a range of different species and selected forms, each offering unique attributes such as varying form, foliage shape, flower size and colour. All are highly bird attracting, providing valuable sources of nectar and habitat.


Lifting the garden spirits

Is your garden weary and tired-looking after the stresses of summer? It’s always remarkable how the garden bounces back with just the smallest amount of tender loving care. Autumn is a great time for some garden action. A light haircut (prune), some appropriate sustenance (2 in 1 native plant food) and hydration (applications of Seasol, Soil Wetter & water) will go a long way to getting the garden back on track. A light top up of garden mulch and the garden will be back to looking its splendid best in no time. Just a word of caution, when pruning at this time of year be mindful that you’re not removing any upcoming flower buds which will be forming for the following season.


Paperbark Café

Our menu is created to reflect the bountiful produce of the harvest season. Using fresh, local ingredients and incorporating the subtle flavours of native bush foods, it couldn’t be a nicer time of year to treat yourself to a morning tea, lunch or afternoon tea with friends or family.