Winter at Kuranga

During the winter months our garden is a hive of activity with birds darting in and out of it all day every day. If you want to attract Australian native birds into your garden it can be achieved by planting Australian native plants which not only provides them with a natural food source (nectar, seed and insects) all year round as well as providing habitat for shelter, nesting and protection from predators.


Nectar laden winter wonders

For winter nectar, consider some of the following: Eucalyptus leucoxylon forms, Eucalyptus caesia Silver Princess, Hakea decurrens, Banksia spinulosa. Any winter flowering grevilleas include Grevillea Superb, Hakea Burrendong Beauty, Correa reflexa, and pulchella forms, Epacris longiflora and impressa forms to mention a few.



Hakea ‘Burrendong Beauty’

This stunning low spreading shrub with massed clusters of reddish/pink with cream flowers along all the stems in winter/spring will grow 60cm-1m high x 2-3 m spread. Full or part sun from clay to sandy soils. A very reliable plant in the garden.


Gorgeous Correas

Many Correas begin their flowering in autumn and continue for many months into winter and spring.
Correa reflexa – these small profuse flowering shrubs and groundcovers have lovely tubular bells in reds, pinks, yellows, greens, and many with two colours. Foliage can vary from grey to green with a bushy, neat habit.

Correa pulchella – these brilliantly coloured Correas possess glossy green foliage and vibrant bell flowers in light to deep pink, salmon, vermilion, orange or red. Emanating from SA, they are extraordinarily drought resistant and excel in alkaline soils. These excellent bird attractors are easy to grow.



Stay snug and warm this winter

Providing the ultimate in softness, lightness and warmth, Merinosnug garments are both versatile and stylish. Made from a sumptuous natural blend of pure Australian Merino wool and the lightest New Zealand eco fur, these adaptable and easy wear garments offer the ultimate in comfort. Now back in stock at Kuranga, just in time for the impending cold months ahead, we are well stocked with our staple range of adaptable and easy wear scarves, beanies, gloves and socks. Available in a range of colours and sizes including our favourite palette of neutral colours plus a few new options which we’ve snuck in as well.



Winter warmers at Paperbark Café

With the cooler days of winter comes the need for comfort and warmth, so if it’s too cold outsidewhy not pop into the café to warm up and keep you on the move. On a cold winters day there is nothing more enjoyable than a hot cup or mug of coffee and perhaps a wattleseed or lemon myrtle scone. Every winters day is soup day at Paperbark, our piping hot soup of the day simmers on the stove awaiting your visit! Our winter menu revolves around warming comfort foods with a touch of native inspiration.