Phebalium and Leionema

Yellows and creams, whites and buttermilk, oh and a pink one too! Look no further if this colour palette suits your taste. These two genus belong to the Rutaceae family and they are typified by their tightly packed clusters of buds which open to star-shaped flowers ranging from cream to bright yellow. They often have fragrant foliage and the larger forms are a great choice for informal hedges and for filling larger garden beds. Phebalium squamulosum forms, of which we stock several, make wonderful garden plants which will grow well under the canopy of taller trees. They cope well with the dryness and they won’t go straggly without all day sunshine. P. stenophyllum naturally occurs in arid areas which means it’s watering requirements are super low, so if you put it in your garden make it your friend by not watering it very much at all. It produces clusters of ornamental coppery buds which explode into a lovely yellow mass of star-shaped flowers in late winter and early spring. Our general stock list will give you an indication of the number of different forms in stock and by all means feel free to ring and chat to staff to discover a Phebalium or Leionema that will suit your requirements.

Phebalium and Leionema Gallery