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Winter at Kuranga

 What’s not to love about Winter in Melbourne? The exceedingly hot days have all but abated, replaced with cool refreshing mornings and mild sunny days. Whether you are planning some gentle, soothing garden therapy or perhaps a more strenuous garden overhaul now is the perfect season to get reacquainted with the garden. Let us tempt you with a scintillating selection of autumn colour. Never a dull season here! 

Autumn flowering gums Let the love affair continue with flowering gums. Both Corymbia Summer Red and Corymbia Summer Beauty start flowering in the last weeks of summer and are at their peak in autumn. These are grafted plants, so offer a guarantee of colour and usually flower in their first season. As pictured below, C. Summer Red (left) is actually more pink than red and Summer Beauty (right) is a delightful soft pink. The lovely yellow centres are surrounded by a tutu of stamens adding to the magic.



Eremophila nivea ‘Blue Velvet’. This grafted form of Eremophila performs exceptionally well in full sun and is drought hardy once established. It flowers prolifically, producing lovely tubular flowers with gorgeous lavender-blue flowers. And oh that lovely soft silvery-grey foliage! Good stock is available now in our grafted plant section.

Xerochrysum bracteatum ‘Gold ‘n Bronze’ (syn. Bracteantha bracteata) Burnt gold to bronze coloured, papery flowers are produced in generous volumes above the foliage. Native bees and insects love this plant, so do we. Available now in our ground cover section.






Xerochrysum ‘Lemon Princess’ Lovely lemon flowers with pronounced orange centres are produced on slender stems. Volumes of flowers are produced over many months.

Viola hederacea This enchanting native violet produces two toned flowers; rich purple inner with a pure white outer edge. The small flowers are produced on slender stems above heart-shaped leaves. Ideal for a part shade position with plenty of moisture throughout the dry months.

Grevillea ‘Peaches and Cream’ Large bicoloured flowers up to 12cm long, with pronounced long styles. Deeply divided foliage. Grows to approx. 1.5m. Bird and insect attracting. Flowers continually throughout the year.

Melaleuca thymifolia ‘Little Beauty’ Producing an almost web-like arrangement of mauve flowers, this enchanting groundcover will grow in full sun to part shade. Suitable for rockeries or container

Dwarf Banksias
One of this countries most iconic native plants the Banksia is available in numerous different sizes and shapes. A good many Banksias flower right through autumn and into winter and we can proudly boast of having a generous selection of small and compact forms to suit any size garden. Choose from a range of different species and selected forms, each offering unique attributes such as varying form, foliage shape, flower size and colour. All are highly bird attracting, providing valuable sources of nectar and habitat.






Paperbark Café

Our menu is created to reflect the bountiful produce of the harvest season. Using fresh, local ingredients and incorporating the subtle flavours of native bush foods, it couldn’t be a nicer time of year to treat yourself to a morning tea, lunch or afternoon tea with friends or family.



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