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Spring at Kuranga

Spring at Kuranga is always an exciting time of the year with the nursery a blaze of colour and fragrances. With this brings our native birds, bees and butterflies into the nursery to enjoy the abundant nectar and water source. 

Below are just a few of the spring flowering natives we have to offer…..


Callistemons put on a spectacular display of colourful brushes. Effective for group and screen plantings of mixed colours. Colours include mauves, violets, burgundy, shades of soft, medium, dark and vibrant pinks and reds, whites and creams, lemons, lime and greens.….from small, medium to large shrubs and trees.


Boronias are highly desirable plants for the garden being one of the most exquisite highly perfumed Australian native plants with a stunning floral display from late winter through spring and some even into summer. Excellent cut flowers.




The spectacularly large flowers in shades of deep pink to brilliant reds appear over the spring months creating an eye-catching display. White form also available. 


Time to feed your native plants 

Whilst native plants are not gross feeders, the addition of a little fertiliser will benefit your plants by promoting healthy, vigorous growth and flowering. Kuranga's Two in One fertiliser is phosphorous free making it perfect for feeding all of your native plants. If you have a combination of natives and exotics in your garden, this fertiliser will pose no harm to non native plants. 

We also stock soluble fertiliser for Australian native orchids. These plants benefit from regular, light feeds. A reminder too that all plants that are grown in containers or hanging baskets will need more fertiliser than those grown in the ground. Be mindful of a dedicated feeding program to ensure the plants have the nutrients needed but remember that less is still better than more. 


Gift Shop Delights 

Browse our range of homewares, vases, statement pieces and kitchenware. We have an extensive selection of both the practical and the decorative in a range of colours and styles. 

Our wonderful shop has two permanent bush food inspired benches purely dedicated to products featuring native plant ingredients, one for sweet and one for savoury. Chutneys, vinegars, oils, spice sachets, rubs, tapenades, mustards, sauces, dressings and so much more. Many perfect for the Aussie spring BBQs to be had. Also a great selection of jams, conserves, marmalades and dessert sauces for the sweet tooth. 

After a days gardening, to renew and revitalise soil stained hands we have a range of soaps, scrubs, hand creams, nail brushes and pumice stones. Natural hand cut soaps infused with natural oils leave hands clean and smelling fresh. 


Paperbark Café 

With a simple, understated style, Paperbark Café is big on flavour, service and great ambience. Our creative chefs, kitchen team and front of house staff are dedicated to producing and serving delectable seasonal dishes that are creatively yet subtly enhanced with the unique flavours of the Australian bush and all served with a smile. 

With warmer weather, our lighter menu reflects the new season with dishes full of vibrancy, colour and flavour. Come and drop in for a meal or a snack and tempt your taste-buds. Gluten-free and vegetarian options available.