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Autumn at Kuranga

Every season has its special beauty and autumn is no exception. The change of season is accompanied by a medley of harmonious songs from our native birds early morning, the onset of crisp, foggy mornings clearing to welcome fine, warming and sunny days. Autumn is great for those who like their weather not too hot, but not too cold. An inspiring time of year to do some serious gardening or maybe a little garden therapy. A good excuse to drink coffee! What’s better than walking around the garden with a good coffee in your hand reacquainting yourself with the garden. Autumn is a great time of the year to renovate, renew, rejuvenate, fill gaps and get new plants into the garden.

Waxy Croweas 

Looking for a splash of vibrant colour for the garden this autumn then you can’t go past these neat, bushy small shrubs with bright green foliage some with reddish new growth. An abundance of delightful small to very large waxy star flowers from white/cream, pale pink, mid pinks to brilliant deep pink/red. These very long flowering shrubs make excellent cut flowers. Provide good drainage in full sun or part shade. Croweas lend themselves to group planting and make lovely containerised specimens. 

Autumn Flowering Gums
Spectacular forms of the Red Flowering Gum are available as grafted plants. With deep, rich reds, soft to bright pinks, crimson and orange. The Corymbia Summer Red, Fairy Floss, Summer Beauty, Mini and Baby Orange forms and Wildfire start flowering in the last weeks of summer and are at their peak in autumn and usually flower in their first season.

Gorgeous Correas 

Many Correas begin their flowering in Autumn and continue for many months into Winter and Spring. Ranging from groundcovers, small shrubs through to large shrub forms. These gorgeous Correa’s have a vast flower colour range with a profusion of varying sized tubular flowers in vibrant salmon, vermillion, soft/deep pink, lime ,yellow, green, red with many having two toned bell flowers. These excellent bird attractors are easy to grow in full sun or full shade, clay, loamy or sandy soils and worthy of a place in any garden. 

Dwarf & Baby Banksias 

There is an extensive diverse range of reliable groundcover and dwarf Banksia’s available in different sizes and shapes. Many Banksias flower right through autumn, winter and spring. Choose from a range of different species and selected forms, each offering unique attributes such as varying form, foliage shape, well displayed candle-like flower size and colour. All are highly bird attracting, providing valuable sources of nectar and habitat. 

Paperbark Café 

Hard to believe we’re in Autumn already! Autumn is the time of year to enjoy breakfast or lunch while relaxing in the warmth of the morning or midday sun outdoors under the verandahs with the relaxing atmosphere of our café and surrounds. Our new season’s menu is up and running with plenty to choose from including dishes incorporating our subtle native flavours of the season, or perhaps something from our tantalising daily specials board . Breakfast on a lazy Sunday morning will never be the same with some creative new dishes to try. We invite you to come and share our Autumn delights.